Specialist for automotive electrical system components

LABCO is specialised in testing components of passive electrical systems in vehicles. Moreover, we also test wiring in building management technology. In light of our comprehensive equipment and our core competences, we represent a reliable solution for other applied testing needs as well.

Special requirements for vehicle electrical systems...

It must be guaranteed that every electrical system component (widest variety of wires, plugs and safety systems) reliably meet their intended function in every feasible situation. If just one of these components fails, then the functionality of entire electrical modules may no longer be guaranteed, and the safety of vehicle passengers may even be endangered.

Vehicle electrical systems are sometimes exposed to extreme requirements: For example, they need to function at low temperatures as well as in hot engine spaces. Components can come into contact with the materials used to run vehicles (fuels, oils, acids, bases, etc.), and must not experience damage when doing so. At times, wiring is also subject to high mechanical demands. It must not be damaged during vehicle assembly and operation.

... require special tests

The aforementioned requirements translate into a broad testing spectrum. Components need to pass these tests successfully before they receive release from an automotive manufacturer and can be implemented in vehicles.

In general, it is a requirement that these tests be performed by an independent accredited test lab, such as LABCO. Since tests have become extremely complicated over the years, LABCO's work is currently divided into four areas with specialists performing the respective testing. These teams work together closely under one roof, sharing the testing equipment on site.

You can learn more about the testing spectrum of the individual departments here.

You can find an overview of our equipment here.