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In the fast lane towards the future!

Safety, durability and performance are important requirements for current and future battery generations.

By using advanced testing methods, we perform numerous battery tests quickly and reliably in our Battery Test Centre.

LABCO BTC – for a future in the sign of electric energy

With our Battery Test Centre (BTC), we offer our customers a test environment specially developed for battery testing – highly developed test methods for highly developed products. To have this quality confirmed, we are moving towards accreditation of the BTC as quickly as possible.

Resource-efficient testing

We offer a wide range of electrical and mechanical tests under various climatic conditions. Due to the use of state-of-the-art equipment and our well-designed energy management system, we have the possibility to use a large part of the discharge power for charging other batteries when discharging your batteries instead of having to use the energy from the power grid.

Let’s put your batteries to the test!

At LABCO BTC, we specifically focus on testing all types of batteries, such as various standard tests according to UN 38.3 or even some tests according to IEC 62133. To offer our customers a wide range of testing options, we also examine components of the battery periphery such as high-voltage cables or charging connector systems.

Vibration tests

Our two electrodynamic vibration test systems (shakers) can perform all tests under a wide range of thermal conditions on batteries up to 2.3 m x 2.3 m.

Climate tests

  • 12 climate and temperature cabinets and chambers with 0.35 m³, 1 m³, 11 m³ and 11.5 m³ test volume.
  • Change rate cooling and heating: 5 – 10 K/min
  • Temperature: -48 °C to 180 °C
  • Relative humidity: 10 % to 98 %

Electrical tests

Important tests such as cyclic (and environmentally friendly bidirectional) charging and discharging, overcharging etc. by the AVL E-STORAGE™ high voltage power supply.

Individual tests

By using LABCO testing equipment, all tests can be performed at one location according to your individual requirements.

Reliable & recognised

Tests for battery cells, modules or packs

LABCO has been testing for well-known customers since 2003. Our test results are meaningful, reliable and internationally recognised.


Electrodynamic vibration test systems


Climate and temperature test systems


Test channels, e. g. for cyclic charging

Energy is precious. Let’s use it carefully.

At LABCO, we believe in the advantages of battery systems in various application sectors. With LABCO BTC, we want to make a significant contribution to the development of battery technology and thus also to the energy transition and support it sustainably. That is why our test methods are also particularly environmentally friendly.

test channels

  • 36

  • 4

  • 6

Max. voltage per battery

  • 6 V

  • 60 V

  • 1200 V

Max. current per battery

  • 1500 A

  • 1200 A

  • 4000 A

Max. power simultaneous

  • 10,8 kW

  • 64 kW

  • 1100 kW

Expansion & Product Development

Suitable tests for every stage of development

Whether you want to simulate product life through vibration or test the performance of battery cells, modules or packs through charging and discharging – we offer a wide range of tests, also to put your batteries to the test during the development phase.

Using electrical and mechanical tests, we can not only check the performance of your batteries, but also push them to their limits with e. g. charging and discharging. All test scenarios are possible under a wide range of climatic conditions. Our testing equipment allows us to test batteries up to a size of 2.3 m x 2.3 m and a maximum weight of up to 2000 kg.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about our service portfolio.

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