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A company for the future – we stand with our values!

Our mission

LABCO stands for quality – since day one, our mission as a neutral and independent laboratory has been to deliver reliable test results and to support our customers in developing new products and bringing them safely to market. With our contribution to standardisation committees, we are involved in the development of new test methods and innovative procedures right from the start – only in this way can we be best prepared for changes in our customers’ requirements, for example in the course of new regulations, standards or norms and use our resources in a targeted manner. LABCO is flexible – with this attitude we not only meet new challenges, but also our partners. You can rely on us, together we will always find a solution.

Corporate culture

Our ambition is not only to deliver high-quality work by relying on the knowledge of our employees ever since – all of them experts in their field through and through.

We are a company for the future. Therefore, it is a natural for us to take responsibility for our environment and the satisfaction of our employees, and to shape our entrepreneurial actions sustainably in accordance with social and societal values. The compatibility of job and family, health, respect for all people as well as social commitment and participation enjoy a special status at LABCO. Only together can we live and promote sustainable action.

  • Our annual company event 2022

Our Vision: We Shape the Future of Testing

LABCO without us – there is no such thing. As a family business, what counts for us are team spirit, regional cohesion and setting progressive and at the same time sustainable goals, because we want to shape the future of testing. What drives us is a better future. Through our testing, we want to make our contribution to making products more reliable, innovative and safe – for our partners, customers and society.

Our decades of know-how, active participation in standardisation committees and our pioneering spirit enable us, as an independent, neutral and accredited testing laboratory, to remain at the leading edge of technology, to recognise future market requirements and to actively adapt our testing portfolio accordingly. With this intention, we are also entering new markets and industries, as has happened, for example, with the establishment of our battery test centre LABCO BTC, in order to make our contribution to the energy transition and support a sustainable future. Whether vehicles, aircraft, household appliances, agricultural machinery or other sectors – we at LABCO support our national and international customers in sending their products safely and reliably into production for a wide range of industries.

We Shape the Future of Testing – this is our vision and our common understanding at LABCO.

Our guiding principle is to actively shape the future of testing for our employees, all our partners and our customers. We see ourselves as experts and pioneers for new testing technologies, methods and individual tests.“

Costakis & Marios Constantinou, Managing directors

LABCO – more than 40 years of testing experience and know-how in the development of test methods

  • The origin of LABCO goes back to 1978. The original laboratory was founded by Bergmann Kabelwerke AG as a development laboratory for automotive wiring and electrical automotive system components in Brake (Unterweser) and belonged to Siemens AG since 1990.

    In 2000 the laboratory was taken over by LEONI AG, and since July 2000 it has also been accredited by DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH) and its predecessor institutions. The then laboratory manager, Costakis Constantinou, acquired the laboratory in 2003 and changed the name of the laboratory as managing director to LABCO GmbH.

  • While the company was a small enterprise with just five employees in the early days, the number of employees has steadily increased over the years, so that dozens of highly qualified professionals from a wide range of disciplines now form a large team behind the company.


  • In 2012 it became clear that the laboratory in Brake would become too small for further expansion. A new attractive location for a new building was found in Loxstedt-Stotel, about 20 km from the previous company headquarters and located on the other side of the ‘Weser’.

    The new laboratory offers plenty of space for the additional equipment that is urgently needed and for an increase in the number of employees. During implementation, great importance was attached to energy-efficient construction. The new laboratory was finally ready for move-in at the end of February 2014. Continuous development of the testing spectrum, new and further specialised testing equipment and a growing team of experts created the opportunity to further expand the business.

  • In 2017, the management decided to expand by another 720 m² of office and laboratory space. For this purpose, a further 2,500 m² property was acquired, which borders on the already existing property. The extension was completed in summer 2018. Just in time for the 15th anniversary.

  • Then, in 2020, the battery test centre LABCO BTC GmbH was founded – a sister company of LABCO GmbH in the immediate neighbourhood. With the groundbreaking in 2021 and start of operations in 2022, battery packs, modules and cells are currently being tested. You can find more information here.

  • The range of tests and the laboratory space have been continuously expanded over time. Initially, only automotive cables and wires were tested, but today, in addition to cables from many well-known manufacturers, other electrical automotive system components such as protective systems, (HV) connector systems, fuses, but also batteries and many other components are tested on 4.700 m² for their suitability.

    Components from other sectors, such as the household appliance, shipbuilding and aviation industries, can also be tested at LABCO. The accreditation currently includes more than 500 specifications and standards, the number of which is constantly being expanded.

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